25 DAYS TO GO!!!! Oh my gooood!

In 25 days I will be someone’s wife. Someone’s partner to confide in and to trust, like, really?

The preparation of this wedding didn’t take a long time since we’re only gonna get married legally now so it’s really intimate. We’ve found this chique restaurant and we were dying to held our dinner there for our close family and best man’s and maid of honors. And other than that, we just had to make everything in order so the city hall can marry us the 21th of april.

My dress is white, calves-length and with a lot of lace! It has a deep cut back and a tutu skirt. My shoes are suede nude pink and my earrings are darkblue with gold from the brand ORAGE. I got these from my best friend Lindsay! She’s also my maid of honor. My other maid of honor, also my best friend, Fatima, bought my wedding dress!! They both wanted to do something very special for my big day and they couldn’t have done it better. I will cherish this forever. I didn’t even have to choose, but they know my style so I would TOTALLY have chosen those by myself!

My hubby to be has a dark blue WILVORST costume and blue manfield shoes. He’s going to be the eyecatcher of the wedding day, photos up after the big day 😀

I can’t wait to get married with our inner circle of family and friends with us. The cityhall we chose is the most ancient cityhall I’ve ever seen! We aren’t getting married where we live, to make it extra special.

I cannot wait to spend the rest of my lives with my fiancé. He’s the most generous, kindhearted human on this planet. He’s literally my best friend and other half. I don’t know how my life was before I met him actually, probably sucked.

We met at work (he was a newbie), and I was in love right away. So I shot my arrow like a reallife cupid! And it worked! yayay!

Sooooo, I’m counting down the days to 21th of April!

in 2019, we will have our ‘big’ marriage for church and we will hold a big party for everyone we want to have with us. We found this castle-esque place in the countryside of Belgium and we are so excited to have the best day in our life there, with everyone we love.

Keep u posted!

Jenna x




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