Tricks to survive long flights

Since I’m on the plane almost everytime I don’t have to work, I had to work something out for myself cause I was Always really exhausted.

A 1 or 2hr-long flight isn’t the end of the world at all.. U read a book, listen to some music or look out the window. But me and my husband travel out of Europe most times and in the beginning, the long flights really got me.

I got migraine, severe headache, I got dizzy, I even had to throw up everysingletime!

So I started creating this routine and I really want to share it with you!

  1. Don’t eat heavy or greasy meals just before boarding or on the plane.

Number one is hard cause the food on the plane is usually too much but I Always want to eat it all cause the stewards make such an effort and they are sooo sweet so I don’t want to dissapoint them. But I should have discipline and eat only what I can cause a full stomach causes stomachaches and headaches in no time when u are sensitive for that.

2. Don’t drink alcohol.

I know this sounds Obvious to some people but I made this mistake a lot. The attendants came to us with their carriage with booze and I was like ‘YES TWO GINTONICS FOR ME PLEASE’. Oh boy, instant migraine and I had to take a bag with me several times. When u have motion sickness, it’s better to not have any alcohol during or before your flight since it causes headaches.

3. Walk around.

Super-annoying if u want to sleep but passengers are walking around but it’s actually really healthy! U have to keep the blood running through.

4. Drink alot of water

This speaks for itself cause it’s Always good to drink water, but it’s beneficial for trick nr 3 cause the more water u drink, the more u have to visit the bathroom 😀

5. Bring your own pillow

Altough the pillows on the planes aren’t bad at all, it’s nice to have your own. You can never have enough pillows on the plane.

6. Take a sweater or jacket

A plane can get quite cold when your 30.000ft in the air. They do have good heating systems but it’s Always nice to have warm and cosy for a long flight, it helps you to sleep faster.

7. Take enough books or music with you

The first time I took a long flight I was like ‘NEW MOVIES WHAT’ and I started several movies but unless there’s this one good movie that u’ve wanted to see, it can get quite boring. Bring enough music on your iPod or bring some good books. If u have the luck to have a travelling partner, having a convo with them is also recommended :p

8. Dress comfy

I admit, we all wanna look like a celebrity when we are strolling down the hallways of the airport. But it’s actually not such a good idea. Dress like u would at home and wear soft shoes. Nobody will look weird at you cause everyone knows how good it feels to sit down in a sweatpants.


Moisturize your face, neck and hands a lot during your flight! Your skin gets really dry because of the air 30.000ft high. Especially when u take a lot of flights, your skin really changes.

10. Eye-mask and earplugs.

Earplugs are a MUST! The engines of planes are really loud and even if not, everyone is talking around you. I, personally, cannot sleep on a plane without earplugs.

When you’re flying during the day, it’s really bright on the plane, and even at night, there’s Always someone reading or watching a movie so it’s never fully dark.

11. Bring a tennisball.

Sounds crazy but it really helps! When you’re on a flight for more then 10hrs, your muscles can get really sore. It helps to rub the tennisball on the muscles, it’s less awkward then to massage yourself on the plane :D.

12. Choose your seats in advance!

Especially when you are planning to travel far away, a seat at the back or at the window can be really handy. A month before your departure, u can do an online check-in and choose your favorite seat!

So I hope this helps :D!

Enjoy your flights in the future, I sure will!


Jenna xx


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One Response to Tricks to survive long flights

  1. Evangelina says:

    All good tips, including the tennis ball. 👍🏻 I also always have a huge scarf with me, it doubles as a soft scarf or snuggly blanket.


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