I love sports… does that mean I am never lazy? Does that mean I do sports everyday? Does that mean I have a perfect body? NO

Just every now and then I enjoy a good run or nice long bikeride.

Summer 2016, Yenthe brought home a new bike for him, since his old one was getting old. He used to be a professional cyclist in his teenage years and I heard he was pretty good but now he only does it recreational. With me! Cause since I saw his new bike, I had to have one.

I never had a bike before in my life, except an old one to go to school with years ago, so I didn’t know if I would like it or not. But since my best friend Fatima rides for Jos Feron Lady Force, I thought I could give it a try.

So I bought the Lexa bike from TREK. I fell in love with it first because of the colours. The main colour is shiny black with glitters and it has subtle spots on it in purple and pink. I mean who kneeeeeeew cycling could be stylish! Beside the magnificent appearance of the bike, it’s very good as well! Many professionals choose TREK. The bike is really light and it has a WSD-frame which is Ride-Tuned. The acceleration is Shimano and that happens to be a really good and trustworthy brand as well.

So Yenthe and I often go on a bikeride. I have to admit: the first days I drove my new bike everyday, but now – 6 months later – it’s every month. I don’t like to do sports when it’s too cold, which is definitely a bad trait of mine but I cannot help it. But I’m really motivated to bike a lot in the summer again! As wel as running cause that really clears my mind. I would choose a relaxing afternoon in my pyjamas over a sporty day ANYTIME but the few moments I choose to go running, it really helps me.

Cycling is very good for your body. You can cycle for over 3hrs and u won’t have any pains. While when running, the knees or muscles start getting sore after a while. U can even go on a cycling-trip with a backpack! That’s on our to-do-list for this summer.

I’m so grateful for Yenthe cause he’s so handy with bikes! He Always fixes mine, even on the road. I have to admit, I couldn’t do it myself.

Cycling has also been a benefit for my friendship with my best friend Fatima. She is addicted and trains several times a week, cause she’s in competition. It’s nice to accompany her when she has to go training. She does have to slow down a bit for me cause obviously I’m not as fast as her! You can follow her on instagram, her name is BERTONIIII.


xx Jenna



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