Middle usa and eastcoast roadtrip 2017

It’s been 12 days… 12 days since we’re back from our second trip to the USA.

This time we landed in Chicago, IL and our friend picked us up and drove us to his home in Indianapolis IN. The first 2 days of our three-weeks-trip, were spent at our friends home in order to adjust to the difference of hours but since we work shifts anyway, adjusting wasn’t really necessary.

We were so happy to be back in the land of Taco Bell, IHOP, Original Pancake house and waffle house. We indulged ourselves immediately in a lot of fastfood and we regret nothing.

We went on a roadtrip, starting in INDIANA, trough Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and we stayed in a resort in Florida. The resort was called the WYNDHAM and it’s all privately owned. U can only stay there if u own a room or suite. The service was really good and the different pools were breathtaking. The suite we stayed in had a marble kitchen and two bathrooms and 3 queensize beds. The salon and livingroom were fully equiped and there were 3 tv’s.

We did the Jungle queen tour dinner and it’s a must-do when you are in Florida!

We visited the westcoast FL in three days but we ended up staying for a week in Pompano.  While we were roadtrippin, we visited the everglades.

When you are in Miami, don’t forget to visit Biscayne Bay. It’s a beautiful place that looks out on the harbor with a lot of cute shops and restaurants.

St-Augustine is the perfect place for if you love authentic houses. It’s the oldest town in the USA and it’s so pretty. It reminded me of the Pirates Of the Carribean movies.

If you visit Florida, don’t forget Marco Island area and Fort Lauderdale.

We didn’t do the NASA and Disney and Key West this year since we’ve done that last year

Needless to say we had a great vacay once again. Life is better with someone you love and who loves you back. Next year includes a trip to France, and a roadtrip from NY to washington dc and Niagara waterfalls. Life is for travels and we sure do live for it.




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Tricks to survive long flights

Since I’m on the plane almost everytime I don’t have to work, I had to work something out for myself cause I was Always really exhausted.

A 1 or 2hr-long flight isn’t the end of the world at all.. U read a book, listen to some music or look out the window. But me and my husband travel out of Europe most times and in the beginning, the long flights really got me.

I got migraine, severe headache, I got dizzy, I even had to throw up everysingletime!

So I started creating this routine and I really want to share it with you!

  1. Don’t eat heavy or greasy meals just before boarding or on the plane.

Number one is hard cause the food on the plane is usually too much but I Always want to eat it all cause the stewards make such an effort and they are sooo sweet so I don’t want to dissapoint them. But I should have discipline and eat only what I can cause a full stomach causes stomachaches and headaches in no time when u are sensitive for that.

2. Don’t drink alcohol.

I know this sounds Obvious to some people but I made this mistake a lot. The attendants came to us with their carriage with booze and I was like ‘YES TWO GINTONICS FOR ME PLEASE’. Oh boy, instant migraine and I had to take a bag with me several times. When u have motion sickness, it’s better to not have any alcohol during or before your flight since it causes headaches.

3. Walk around.

Super-annoying if u want to sleep but passengers are walking around but it’s actually really healthy! U have to keep the blood running through.

4. Drink alot of water

This speaks for itself cause it’s Always good to drink water, but it’s beneficial for trick nr 3 cause the more water u drink, the more u have to visit the bathroom 😀

5. Bring your own pillow

Altough the pillows on the planes aren’t bad at all, it’s nice to have your own. You can never have enough pillows on the plane.

6. Take a sweater or jacket

A plane can get quite cold when your 30.000ft in the air. They do have good heating systems but it’s Always nice to have warm and cosy for a long flight, it helps you to sleep faster.

7. Take enough books or music with you

The first time I took a long flight I was like ‘NEW MOVIES WHAT’ and I started several movies but unless there’s this one good movie that u’ve wanted to see, it can get quite boring. Bring enough music on your iPod or bring some good books. If u have the luck to have a travelling partner, having a convo with them is also recommended :p

8. Dress comfy

I admit, we all wanna look like a celebrity when we are strolling down the hallways of the airport. But it’s actually not such a good idea. Dress like u would at home and wear soft shoes. Nobody will look weird at you cause everyone knows how good it feels to sit down in a sweatpants.


Moisturize your face, neck and hands a lot during your flight! Your skin gets really dry because of the air 30.000ft high. Especially when u take a lot of flights, your skin really changes.

10. Eye-mask and earplugs.

Earplugs are a MUST! The engines of planes are really loud and even if not, everyone is talking around you. I, personally, cannot sleep on a plane without earplugs.

When you’re flying during the day, it’s really bright on the plane, and even at night, there’s Always someone reading or watching a movie so it’s never fully dark.

11. Bring a tennisball.

Sounds crazy but it really helps! When you’re on a flight for more then 10hrs, your muscles can get really sore. It helps to rub the tennisball on the muscles, it’s less awkward then to massage yourself on the plane :D.

12. Choose your seats in advance!

Especially when you are planning to travel far away, a seat at the back or at the window can be really handy. A month before your departure, u can do an online check-in and choose your favorite seat!

So I hope this helps :D!

Enjoy your flights in the future, I sure will!


Jenna xx

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25 DAYS TO GO!!!! Oh my gooood!

In 25 days I will be someone’s wife. Someone’s partner to confide in and to trust, like, really?

The preparation of this wedding didn’t take a long time since we’re only gonna get married legally now so it’s really intimate. We’ve found this chique restaurant and we were dying to held our dinner there for our close family and best man’s and maid of honors. And other than that, we just had to make everything in order so the city hall can marry us the 21th of april.

My dress is white, calves-length and with a lot of lace! It has a deep cut back and a tutu skirt. My shoes are suede nude pink and my earrings are darkblue with gold from the brand ORAGE. I got these from my best friend Lindsay! She’s also my maid of honor. My other maid of honor, also my best friend, Fatima, bought my wedding dress!! They both wanted to do something very special for my big day and they couldn’t have done it better. I will cherish this forever. I didn’t even have to choose, but they know my style so I would TOTALLY have chosen those by myself!

My hubby to be has a dark blue WILVORST costume and blue manfield shoes. He’s going to be the eyecatcher of the wedding day, photos up after the big day 😀

I can’t wait to get married with our inner circle of family and friends with us. The cityhall we chose is the most ancient cityhall I’ve ever seen! We aren’t getting married where we live, to make it extra special.

I cannot wait to spend the rest of my lives with my fiancĂ©. He’s the most generous, kindhearted human on this planet. He’s literally my best friend and other half. I don’t know how my life was before I met him actually, probably sucked.

We met at work (he was a newbie), and I was in love right away. So I shot my arrow like a reallife cupid! And it worked! yayay!

Sooooo, I’m counting down the days to 21th of April!

in 2019, we will have our ‘big’ marriage for church and we will hold a big party for everyone we want to have with us. We found this castle-esque place in the countryside of Belgium and we are so excited to have the best day in our life there, with everyone we love.

Keep u posted!

Jenna x



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I love sports… does that mean I am never lazy? Does that mean I do sports everyday? Does that mean I have a perfect body? NO

Just every now and then I enjoy a good run or nice long bikeride.

Summer 2016, Yenthe brought home a new bike for him, since his old one was getting old. He used to be a professional cyclist in his teenage years and I heard he was pretty good but now he only does it recreational. With me! Cause since I saw his new bike, I had to have one.

I never had a bike before in my life, except an old one to go to school with years ago, so I didn’t know if I would like it or not. But since my best friend Fatima rides for Jos Feron Lady Force, I thought I could give it a try.

So I bought the Lexa bike from TREK. I fell in love with it first because of the colours. The main colour is shiny black with glitters and it has subtle spots on it in purple and pink. I mean who kneeeeeeew cycling could be stylish! Beside the magnificent appearance of the bike, it’s very good as well! Many professionals choose TREK. The bike is really light and it has a WSD-frame which is Ride-Tuned. The acceleration is Shimano and that happens to be a really good and trustworthy brand as well.

So Yenthe and I often go on a bikeride. I have to admit: the first days I drove my new bike everyday, but now – 6 months later – it’s every month. I don’t like to do sports when it’s too cold, which is definitely a bad trait of mine but I cannot help it. But I’m really motivated to bike a lot in the summer again! As wel as running cause that really clears my mind. I would choose a relaxing afternoon in my pyjamas over a sporty day ANYTIME but the few moments I choose to go running, it really helps me.

Cycling is very good for your body. You can cycle for over 3hrs and u won’t have any pains. While when running, the knees or muscles start getting sore after a while. U can even go on a cycling-trip with a backpack! That’s on our to-do-list for this summer.

I’m so grateful for Yenthe cause he’s so handy with bikes! He Always fixes mine, even on the road. I have to admit, I couldn’t do it myself.

Cycling has also been a benefit for my friendship with my best friend Fatima. She is addicted and trains several times a week, cause she’s in competition. It’s nice to accompany her when she has to go training. She does have to slow down a bit for me cause obviously I’m not as fast as her! You can follow her on instagram, her name is BERTONIIII.


xx Jenna


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Castor oil

Trick of the day:


I use it on my eyelashes and eyebrows before I go to bed so that they are nice and soft in the morning. They also grow because of it, which is a plus! So you can use it anywhere would like to have more hair.

It’s ‘wonderoil’ from a plant and it’s effective for wounds and pimples so it’s a really good basis to make facemasks!

You can buy castor oil in your local drugstore/pharmacy.


xx Jenna


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Citytrip KÖln and Berlin

Our trip to KÖln in 2016 was so much fun. We went there for my birthday, in May. We stayed at the Leonardo Royal Hotel am Stadtwalt and it was the best. It was so clean, they were very friendly and the view from the room was amazing. The hotel is located near a park with a big pond and fountains. It was so relaxing. There even was a zoo in the middle of the park! It’s very child-friendly too, and the breakfast-buffet was to die for.

We went shopping in the city and I recommend the Hard Rock Cafe once again! I guess it’s just a success-formula. The city is a must-do for everyone who likes to shop. I had trouble to fit everything in my suitcase afterwards!

In december 2016 we went to Berlin. Sad enough, we were there when the terrorist attacks happened. One minute we were walking slowly at the Christmas market and a few seconds later it was chaos everywhere. We were sooo Lucky to be safe. I can tell you it brought a sinister shadow on the trip. Our thoughts are with those who are a victim or who lost a loved one. Our hotel was located nearby the attack so the first night was really frightening.

Afterwards, we decided we couldn’t stay in our room for the nex four days, so we ended up visiting the entire city. Alexanderplatz is awesome!! U can get ANYWHERE by metro and it’s so fast and easy. I recommend to buy a 72-hr ticket, it’s much cheaper and easy and u get a discount at several museums!

So Germany is great to visit! My fiancé has been to Bonn before and he says it was also really good.

If u go to Germany make sure u make a stop in Belgium; we have the best waffles and French fries!

xo Jenna


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Roadtrip East-Coast USA 2016

So… we went on a roadtrip in the summer of 2016. Just us two, my boyfriend (now fiancĂ©) and me.

We landed in Atlanta Heartsfield Jackson Airport after a 9hr-flight and went to Taco Bell right away, in College park. We have heard alot about it and it was SO DELICIOUS. Since that day, we are addicted to Mexican food and we eat it once every two weeks.

Then we drove to Key West-Florida. (Shoutout to Yenthe for driving the whole part, while I was asleep) The beaches were nice but the road to Key West was soooo long. And it was so hot in the car, even with the a/c on. I recommend to take alot of water with you if you are planning to go there.

After Key west, we went to our hotel in Miami Beach. Of all places we’ve visited on this roadtrip, Miami Beach was BY FAR my favourite. I want to go back immediately! We stayed at hotel Breakwater, in South beach Miami. It was nice to see a comfy bed after such an exhausting trip. The room was really big and clean and although there were a lot of parties and people outside, we didn’t hear a thing in the room!

While we were in Miami my boyfriend jumped out a of a plane! I gave it to him for his birthday, few weeks before. When he landed, he proposed. Needless to say I said yes and we are very happily engaged now.

From Miami, we travelled along to Orlando. We visited the NASA Cape Canaveral and Universal studios. I just had to see the Wizarding world of Harry Potter. Me and Yenthe are massive fans.

On our roadtrip we visited Charleston and Greenville; both very beautiful cities! Especially Charleston is a must-see! But u can’t miss Falls Park on the Reedy River in Greenville also. We both fell in love with Savannah; it seemed like a very calm place to live.

And last but not least, we went back to Atlanto and stayed there for a day to explore the city. It’s very busy but we felt very safe. U should really grab dinner at Hard Rock CafĂ©, and try the strawberry-basilicum drink!

I must say, this trip has changed my life. Some days I would go into work and think ‘I really wanna go back to sleep’, but now I realise that money gives you freedom. We would never be able to travel this much! So it has definitely motivated me to work a lot.We are going back this summer 2017 to the USA to see another part of the country. We are going to visit New York, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. I can’t wait woohoo!

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